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Christmas Scoops 🎄🎅

Christmas Scoops 🎄🎅

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Limited Collection - Holiday Edition
Do you love Christmas? Do you love my variety pods? Combine the two with this collection!

One fifth of the batch is handmade items made by me, the rest are variety items. There will be at least one handmade item in every scoop. All items are Christmas themed.
*Only one special item per scoop*

Prizes will be determined by scooping beads. Each bead represents a prize. You can keep the beads in a bracelet form that I will make. Each scoop has 14-18 beads of 8-10mm in size. (White 6mm beads will be added to the bracelet to make it reach the ideal 7.8in in size.) Total price includes the handmade bracelet and video fee.

When ordering more than one scoop, scoops are done separately, back to back, to keep the beads separated for the bracelets in the end. 

Retail price of handmade items:
Charm Dangle Earrings $7
Beaded Pen $8
Xmas Present Stretch Bracelet $8
Beaded Keychain $10
Focal Bead Lanyard $12
Santa Metal Chain Necklace $14
Beaded Wristlet $15
Natural Stone Bracelet $30

Here's a list of the items:

  • Beaded Pen (PBB) 
  • Beaded Keychain (PBB) 
  • Beaded Wristlet (PBB) 
  • Focal Bead Lanyard (PBB) 
  • Charm Dangle Earrings (PBB) 
  • Santa Metal Chain Necklace (PBB) 
  • Xmas Present Bracelet (PBB) 
  • Mini Lotion 
  • Low Cut Socks 
  • Fuzzy Socks 
  • Straw w/ Charms 
  • Mochi Squishy Toy 
  • Fidget Pop Keychain 
  • Mini Coin Bag 
  • Theme Candle 
  • Scrunchy 
  • Theme Pen 
  • Small Notebook 
  • Theme Keychain 
  • Premium Gift Bag 
  • Sanitizer Holder & Bottle 
  • Lippy Holder & Lip Balm 
  • Wrist Lanyard 
  • Cosmetic Bag 
  • Temporary Tattoos 
  • Spray Pen Liquid Candy 
  • Special Prizes 
  • Free filled goody bag for every scoop
If multiple scoops are a gift, you can request for them to be packed in separate organza bags/gift boxes. 
Orders will be fulfilled in the order they came in. 

You will receive a tracking number of your package sent via USPS to your email if you add one at checkout. We are not responsible for orders once they are shipped.

By purchasing, you are agreeing that there are no returns or exchanges, and that all items you receive are a mystery (random), and will probably not be a duplicate of any other order. 

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