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Custom Handmade Item Mystery Pods

Custom Handmade Item Mystery Pods

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Would you like a custom handmade item, but you're not sure what to get? I got you covered! Let's pick at random what we're going to use. 

Choose 4-5 Pods. 

  • Pod 1 chooses the Item Type (Stretch bracelet, metal bracelet, stretch necklace, metal necklace, dangle earrings, chandelier earrings) 
  • Pod 2 chooses the Bead Type (6 & 8mm smooth, frosted, and rondelle glass, imitation pearls. 18 different combinations) 
  • Pod 3 chooses the Colors (16 different combinations) 
  • Pod 4 chooses the Spacers (4mm acrylic silver round, acrylic gold round, clear glass rondelle, candy glass rondelle, 4-6mm antique silver style beads) 
  • Pod 5 chooses the Charms/Natural Stones (2 Charms, 2 Charms & 2 (8mm) Stones, 4 Natural Stones (1 type), 4 Natural Stones (2 types))

Pods will be scooped on video. Video will be posted to Facebook and TikTok. The finished product will be shown on the video. 

You will receive a tracking number of your package sent via USPS to your email if you add one at checkout. We are not responsible for orders once they are shipped.
By purchasing, you are agreeing that there are no returns or exchanges, and that all items you receive are a mystery (random), and will probably not be a duplicate of any other order. 
Item Type retail prices: (+ $5 for add-on's) 
- Stretch Bracelet $10
- Metal Bracelet $15
- Stretch Necklace $20
- Metal Necklace $25
- Dangle Earrings $10
- Chandelier Earrings $15 
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