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Mexican Candy Mystery Pods

Mexican Candy Mystery Pods

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Are you a fan of candy? Have you tried Mexican candy? We have spicy and non-spicy. Whether you have or you haven't, we have you covered with affordable bundles. 

The bundle of 10 Pods comes with a Mexican piñata keychain; the bundle of 15 & 20 Pods comes with a candy accessory. If you get the full bin, you'll get one of each accessory. 

Possible items:
(spicy or tamarindo):
Skwinkles Rellenos
Swinkles Salsagheti
4 Pica Gomas Sandía
Pelón Pelo Rico
Lucas Bomvaso
Lucas Muecas
Vero Mango
Chaca Chaca (rielito) 

Cacahuetes Japonés
Banderitas de Coco
Obleas con Cajeta
Aldama Glorias
Paleta Payaso
3 Bubbaloo

There will only be one duplicate of each candy, for a total of 46 Pods in the bin. 

To get all the candies, you have to order all the Pods in the bin, the bundle of 46.

If you're not a fan of spicy candy, you can opt out of those by leaving a note at checkout. 

Pods will be scooped on video. Video will be posted to Facebook and TikTok. 

You will receive a tracking number of your package sent via USPS to your email if you add one at checkout. We are not responsible for orders once they are shipped.

By purchasing, you are agreeing that there are no returns or exchanges, and that all items you receive are a mystery (random), and will probably not be a duplicate of any other order. 
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