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Semi-Precious Natural Gemstone Bracelets - 1st Collection

Semi-Precious Natural Gemstone Bracelets - 1st Collection

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Semi-precious natural gemstone bracelets are made with strong elastic string, 6mm and 8mm semi-precious natural gemstones, antique silver and silver plated spacers, stainless steel coin logo charm, and microfiber storage pouch and cleaning cloth. 

About 7.5" in size. 

Great for attracting positive energy. Check out each stone and what they represent: 

  • Garnet (passion, creativity, determination) 
  • Amethyst (health, beauty, clarity) 
  • Aquamarine (courage, balance, peace) 
  • White Cat Eye (protection, luck, insight) 
  • Emerald Jade (serenity, wisdom, good luck) 
  • Violet Jade (happiness, joy, humor) 
  • Ruby Jade (friendship, love, royalty) 
  • Peridot (good health, restful sleep, peace) 
  • Sapphire Chalcedony (wisdom, concentration, dreams) 
  • Pink Tourmaline (love, compassion, emotional healing) 
  • Yellow Topaz (harmony, hospitality, friendship) 
  • Blue Topaz (loyalty, candor, communication)

Gift them or wear them because they're pretty or because of the positive energy. ❤ 

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