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Pretty by the Bay Boutique

Facebook LIVE Events

Facebook LIVE Events

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Shows start at 6PM CST. Ending time varies by show.  

Giveaway opportunities for everyone in every show! 💗 
•Up to 3 Giveaways for Players, depending on spots sold, prizes vary. 
•$15 Gift Card Giveaway for Sharing. Get up to 10 Spots for Sharing a Live to different pages during Live. 
•$15 Gift Card Giveaway for Participation. Get as many spots as there are Players for congratulating all of them once their turn is over while we're Live. 

All the Game Shows explained:
Variety Mystery Scoops: Scoop 25+ beads that represent prizes, Regular, Rare, or Special. You can request to re-scoop for items you don't want. 

Gumball Machine Mayhem: Spin for Special Prizes! Spots are for 5 Spins at a time. Trades available at the end of game. 

Wheel Spin Madness: Spin for prizes, 5 spins at a time for items such as Rare Variety Items, Bundle of 4 Regular Variety Items, Bundle of 3 Keychain Accessories, Bundle of 3 Pretty Pens, Bundle of 5 Mexican Candies, Special Prizes, and Handmade Items, such as Pens, and Bracelets. Trades available at the end of the game. 

Mystery Box Reveals: Reveal a numbered Mystery Box. The number is picked from a Pod in a bowl. Each Box contains a value of the asking price or more, with two jackpot boxes. Trades available at the end of game. 

Mystery Bundle Races: Race for a numbered Mystery Bundle. The number is picked by the top prize in the race. Each Bundle contains 1 Special Prize, 1 Handmade Item, 2 Rare Variety Items, 4 Regular Variety Items, and a Surprise Item. Get an extra random Special Prize for every 3 Races. One jackpot bundle. Trades available at the end of game. 

Pen Mystery Bag Races: Race for a numbered Pen Mystery Bag. The number is picked between the top 3 Prizes in a themed Race. You will be able to pick your Pen Bag based on color, then it will be revealed. Each Pen Bag contains 1 Focal Bead Pen, 1 Beaded Pen, 3 Pretty Pens: Diamond, Crystal Stylus, Metal Glitter; 5 random Cool Pens, and a small notebook. Get an extra Focal Bead Pen for every 3 Races you buy.

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